School Nurse

Health Room Information:

Clarissa Jimenez, LBJ ECHS  512-414-7024—Campus Office Number Location: First floor next to the Counseling Suite


Medications During School Hours:

Only medications that are necessary for a student’s medical care will be administered at school. Most medicines that are needed, even up to three times a day, can be given at home and should not be sent to school. 

There are some occasions where medication is required by students and cannot be adequately given at home. In these cases, with written permission of a parent or guardian, designated care staff can give the medication. 

A physician's signature is required for all medications that will be given at school to include the following:

  • Daily medication(s) for a prescription

  • Over-the-Counter medication(s) to be stored at school 

  • Over-the-Counter medication(s) to be administered at a dose different from the manufacturer's label

If your student requires medication at school, please complete the form:

  • Austin ISD Request to Administer Medication at School - English

  • Austin ISD Request to Administer Medication at School - Spanish



For students with respiratory issues requiring an inhaler, please complete the following form:

  • Austin ISD Asthma Action Plan - English

  • Austin ISD Asthma Action Plan - Spanish


Please note that if your student is going to carry an Epipen or Inhaler at school, they MUST have a consent form signed by the parent AND physician/provider to do so.


Food Allergy / Anaphylaxis

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the School Health Nurse @ 512-414-7024.

Austin ISD will follow an individualized health plan (IHP) for students with food allergies upon receipt of signed medical plans and parental consent forms.

For students with anaphylaxis to food, insects, or other substances, please use one of these forms

  • Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan - English

  • Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan - Spanish


Please visit the Austin ISD Health Services and Nursing webpage for additional school health forms and information:

School Medical Forms